A few years back a few close friends and I began tasting and exploring the vast and various kinds of Gin that are available.

In no time at all it became the drink of choice. Be it a simple gin and tonic on the rocks, or a tasty Hendricks with two slices of perfectly aged cucumbers, we were hooked.

It would be the go-to drink at social functions, parties, events and so on. Most of which occur on the weekends. Then by chance we found ourselves meeting mid-week, on that magical Wednesday, to do a dinner and inevitably enjoy some gin. As we realized that most people are always looking forward to the weekend to relax and unwind, why not give ourselves a break in the middle. Take one night in the midst of it all to put work, school, projects, housework, homework and chaos aside.  Take that night to enjoy great company with a glass of your chosen Gin. From that day forward Gin Wednesday had been birthed.

In most of our inner circles the concept grew, and more and more people were embracing this new concept of Gin Wednesday. As much as the kids who loved having company over would anticipate the weekend to see their friends from other families, they’d begin to ask, with a slight grin, are you having Gin Wednesday tonight?

Now we hope to take this to another level. It’s a break from your week, a rest from the realities of life, one we ask all to embrace. Let’s not everyone continue to only work for the weekend, let’s give ourselves Gin Wednesday as well!!


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